yesterday's black dice and today's white stripes

Well, the former is meant pretty literally, the latter is a silly pun of course, which makes the perfect sense to me…and although the Black Dice felt a bit out of place on a Wednesday night, the subtle twist moves or headbanging does not come honest out of me in the middle of the week when all the friends and friends of the friends nimbly flee to take their trains/cars. But yet another nice show at Recylcart - I’m glad that we have this one-of-the-kind recycled train station to give so much joy of a concert venue.

The rest of the city seemed pretty boring to me. I did start my day-off (stillness before storm – Sunday leaving to Colonge will bring work and only work) rummaging through the heaps of junk at the Marolles . After several hours spent knee and elbow deep in dusty piles I left with only one silly sweater with some blurry pastel coloured print and a few pieces of jewellery. My find of the week is a golden broche which is reminiscent of Viveka Bergstrom’s work, and it’s quite massive for a broche, thus most likely to be used to create drapery on t-shirts which I seem to be accumuilating with a speed of light breaching all boundaries…and I do not mean the amount of those t-shirts ( since ‘too many’ in my words is below 10 anyhow)…with the shame of admittance I bought my first stripy tee!

White stripes/black stripes have always been my favourite object of derision with a fixed reference to the 14 year old's...Look at me know!


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