the ultimate guide to Amsterdam shopping (the finale)

Tasty little tidbits…let’s crack my Tuesday in Amsterdam open like an Easter egg ( why am I thinking of Easter? May be because of the amount of cheesecakes, muffins, chocolate and koffie verkeerd I managed to consume on that Tuesday morning waiting for the shops to open…)

Tuesday AM began at 12 o’clock:
And it began with a visit to the great place – Wella Warenhaus on Keizersgracht 300 ( that’s on the corner of Berenstraat). There you find designs by Nes – bright, bold and very cheerful,

jewellery by Nadine Kieft, such as the deer patches with silver dangles, furniture and design objects by Huh/Karel, among which are the impressive plain cupboards with what-they-are-meant-to-be prints on them.

Downstairs is a vast space with a lot of very well selected and very well presented vintage clothes by Cherry Sue, shoes and objects. Grouped by colour not function these objects are becoming some sort of a surreal setting – concrete garden with plastic flowers – you can’t find a place more cheerful!

It is now worth to mention that the entire trip around Amsterdam shopping hot spots is a very structured walking path: across the water from the Individuals and to the right you will find a small quartier of parallel streets crossed by three canals, so called ‘de 9 straatjes’, a couple of more places at Rozengracht and a couple of places that fall out of the map, but are equally worth to visit. So if you are spending time in Amsterdam prior to shop opening hours or just simply like to stick your nose into shop windows, here are few.
One tiny little gallery that caught my eye in ‘de 9 straatjes’ neighbourhood is Galerie Knap, and it’s fuzzy knitted creature in the window.

Then there’s another one, more like a must-walk-in place – Finnish design shop Kauppa. With so few retail points of my wildly adored IVANAhelsinki and Globe hope this shop is a rare find. You can enjoy the wonders of Finnish design at Norden in Brussels (Arteveldestraat) and Halla in Antwerp, but none of them sell Globe hope, only the on-line shop
Then there’s Lock, Stock & Barrel, very cute and clever little boutique for both men and women. They have a nice selection of brands like Filippa K, Stine Goya, again IVANAhelsinki, and so on.
Now walking out of this little street cluster onto the Rozengracht you will find to particular places:
Vezjun – a shop where young designers and fashion students sell their work (and it was unfortunately closed, hence the reflection of my camera and my nose peeking in the window):

and a rather well known store SPRMRKT which used to sell young designers’ work, but now is better known for Acne, Rick Owens, etc…


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