My feeble attempt to recreate the wonder

…and the wonder’s name is the fabulous Yves Saint Laurent sock-shoe from just as fabulous s/s 2008 collection:

So I started by demolishing one shoe just to figure out how the shoes are constructed – well, healthy dose of deconstructivism it was. Who knew that older shoes will have countless number of nails and sticky gooey glue inside, it seems to be that breaking a Zara shoe is a better idea, since those one-seasoners do not really need much help in breaking, but yeah, I resorted to an ugly second-hand shoe for the lack of ugly Zara shoe…then I pulled a black knee sock over the inner sole and… realised that gluing and nailing the outer sole back in place is virtually impossible without any professional glue, foot-dummy and very short shoemaker nails ( otherwise it will be an extreme yoga-sock-shoe), hmmmm.
Now, the question remains: do I go to the shoemaker and embarrass myself completely by asking to glue a heel to my sock? Followed by a sub-question: does showing him a picture of the original change anything?


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